There is no any other man to give us a qualitative and a better representatives other than Hon. Joe. All your good works during your tenure as Esan West LG Chairman are all there for all to see. It is my believe and the believes of the generalities of Esan West, Esan Central as well as Igueben local govt you are more competent and better expose to represent us at the house of representatives. We are solidly behind you and God is with you to ensure your victory.

Well done chief. A vote for you is vote for development and better life.

that is a fact and an evidence of a true leader….we are tired of socially disabled leaders…therefore we must bring on board a man who is socially and mentally active,a man that have been tested and trusted,a man of competence and discipline,a true representative…that man is HON JOE EDIONWELE..vote PDP, vote for transformation.

and the failure to elect good leaders has negative impact on the society at large.that is why we the people must collectively and overwhelmly vote HON JOE EDIONWELE,as a man of the grassroot people,a teacher,a human resource developer…a vote 4him is a vote 4a builder.vote PDP,vote HON JOE EDIONWELE

Victory is yours IJN. According to ur past record in PDP u’r stalwart person right from d grassroot and as such you will be rewarded for ur uprightness by representing us in Abuja by God grace Amen

 Sir, I really appreciate u for accepting my request , I really support u going to the state house , Bcos u are a friend to the youth, u never fail us wen u were the chairman, and I know u will never fail. Sir, carry go u are there already

After watching closely for the past few years the 1st thing that came to my mind after the primaries Was Ordia the best candidate you can every wish for..Azugbene Steve take this from me with Chief JOE and Engr Ordia Esan land is in for the best hands……as for me and my family steve it’s Ordia and Joe( Joe Solidarity ) all the way

Yes joe edionwele is a grass root man i encourage every one of u 2 vote 4 him & D BEST ENGR. CLIFFORD AKHIMIENMONA ORDIA 4 SENATE. BOTH OF THEM AR D BEST. ORDIA OBULU ABA.

Yes ooo,the Era of Excellence is back,a tested and trusted leader,pls.lets vote for this reliable and dependable candidate,vote Hon.Edionwele,vote PDP.

U r d man of d people. We believe God for good representation wen u get there. May God who did d primaries also do dis for u. Amen.