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Hon. Joe Edionwele is born to the family of Edionwele of Idumu-Ogo of Iruekpen, Esan West LGA of Edo state. He attended Central Primary School, Iruekpen after which he attended Ujoelen grammar School, Ekpoma. While there, he was the captain of Ujeolen Grammar School football team, as a footballer. He was equally the ASP (Assistant Senior Prefect). He taught briefly there at Ujoelen Grammar School, Ekpoma as a Mathematics Teacher because of his brilliant performance. Thereafter, he proceeded to the Auchi Polytechnics where he read Accountancy and obtained HND degree in Accountancy He later became a chartered Accountant . He first worked very briefly with Union Bank of Nigeria. From the Union Bank PLC, he was employed at Nigeria Institute for Palms Oil Research (NIFOR), Benin City where he rose to the office of Chief Accountant. He was elected as the Executive Chairman of Esan West Local Government Council, Ekpoma (1999-2002).

A year later, he was appointed 1st member at Local Government Service Commission Edo State. Upon completion of his tenure, he was elected Secretary PDP South-South  Zone. Before now, he was equally a member of National Orthopedic Hospital Enugu, Nigeria. . He was equally Editor-chief, TORCH MAGAZINE at a time. He is a quadruple Chief: Being a chief in four (4) kingdoms. He is happily married with children

He is the present member of House of Representatives representing Esan West, Esan Central and Igueben Federal Constituency.


Motion to Construct Road in my Constituency

Calling Attention to the Deplorable State of Ekpoma – Ukpenu – Emuhi – Igor – Ugianmen – Ugbiyiokho – Uhi – Ehor Road Edo State.


Hon Joe Edionwele moving a motion calling for review of the country universities curricular to reflect present day needs of nigeria

Hon. Joe Edionwele moving a Motion to Address Umployment

After discussing with some jobseekers in my constituency, i found out about how graduates and jobseekers are extorted by government agencies and recruitment firms. So i sponsored a motion to draw attention to the plight of helpless job seekers and most especially graduates in their endless search for non existent jobs. This video is a […]


What are People Say?

Destiny delayed is not destiny denied. I’m neither a prophet nor a prophet son but with both your past & present activities, we can rightly see you at your destination because you have long paid your dues. The People chose you, you did not chose yourself while those self chosen has been rejected. So, no man can cut short your divine destiny.

After watching closely for the past few years the 1st thing that came to my mind after the primaries Was Ordia the best candidate you can every wish for..Azugbene Steve take this from me with Chief JOE and Engr Ordia Esan land is in for the best hands……as for me and my family steve it’s Ordia and Joe( Joe Solidarity ) all the way

You are a man of the people. You have been tested and tried. You will do great for your people. I pray the good Lord grant you your heart desire.

that is a fact and an evidence of a true leader….we are tired of socially disabled leaders…therefore we must bring on board a man who is socially and mentally active,a man that have been tested and trusted,a man of competence and discipline,a true representative…that man is HON JOE EDIONWELE..vote PDP, vote for transformation.

Well done chief. A vote for you is vote for development and better life.